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ABB dealer

ABB (acronym ofATSEA Brown Boveri) is a Swiss-Swedish company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It is a major player in energy and automation technologies. Present in nearly 100 countries, with around 136,000 employees (2017) and sales of US $ 33.8 billion (2016), ABB is one of the largest engineering companies, but also the one of the largest conglomerates in the world. The group is classified 314e in the Fortune Global 500 ranking in 20171.


SEW-USOCOME is the French subsidiary of the German group SEW-EURODRIVE, designer of drive and automation solutions.

With drive and automation solutions, SEW-USOCOME offers all the elements to optimize motion applications: electric motor, mechanical reducer, geared motor, servomotor, servo-gearbox, frequency converter, mechanical speed variator, variable speed drive. electrical speed, field bus, mechatronic unit and parameterization and automation software.

Lidering safe industry

The company is made up of experts in mechanical seals and associated products for the industry with the sole aim of working with each client to find the most effective formula to meet their sealing needs.

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